Fresh Eyes Survey


It's no secret that an unbiased survey from an external perspective can provide immense value to organizations, and Fresh Eyes can help you take advantage of this.

We work with some of the best known farm shops in the industry and are proud to have operated some of the best farm shops in the country.

On the visit we invest time with the team looking at the customers journey from website to sale through the till.

We have developed an application that allows us to gain insight into sales at the shelf edge to understand where your key locations are and we will provide a drawing of the shop with a mini range review on where things sell best and which items are issue lines. 

Following on from the visit we will provide an action plan on products and a 3D model drawing of a proposed layout change to maximise sales and growth. We also complete a full website/social media review before the visit.

Each visit varies depending on where we see the benefit. This can range from team, customer journey, technology or process improvements. 

Larger packages are available for more in-depth help with implementation.

Contact us prior to booking to ensure desired outcomes.

Our professional team are proud to provide an objective look at all aspects of your business, helping you take control of your operations and future. We go beyond the standard surveys, offering detailed analysis and tailored packages for optimal results.