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We have loved meeting amazing people and being part of many exciting projects.

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We offer bespoke consultancy services based around the needs of your business. 

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Fresh Retail Group LTD , has been at the sharp end of farm retailing.

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Michael has been a tremendous help in the project management of our new shop extension and coffee shop.  His knowledge of retail, butchery, staff and structures has been invaluable and we have progressed well with many key factors with his support. We have implanted a new management structure, planned our retail and coffee shop space, planned and sourced new ranges/products and developed our brand through packaging, labels and signage. He is always on hand for advice and we look forward to moving this forward when he visits.

Laura Mounce - Strawberry Fields Lifton

Michael has been with us since the start of The Farm journey; from planning shop floor layouts to designing our online food website. The Wells family value your input hugely! You are always at the end of the phone to answer any questions. Michael's knowledge and experience in food retail and the farm shop industry has helped us so much and will continue to help grow our business from strength to strength. You’re always there to lend a hand, whatever the job. We honestly can’t thank you enough for being on this journey with us and look forward to continuing to work together. 

Charlie, Richard, Penny & Kate - The Farm Stratford

Having used other consultants who have left us with a list of all that is wrong with the business and driven away; working with Michael has, and continues to be just the opposite.

Agreed objectives and timelines, as well as working with the full spectrum of our team members, has given us fantastic results that our team feels part of and so the changes have been embedded quickly and hopefully permanently.

Edward Garthwaite - Blacker Hall Farm Shop

I have worked with Michael on several occasions, his no nonsense, common sense approach has proved invaluable in finding solutions to the challenges of running a busy retail business. His vast experience of working at the 'coal face' has given him the knowledge and insight to add value to any retail business. I look forward to working with Michael in the future.

Kevin Stokes - Farndon Fields

Michael is great to work with in so many ways and we always enjoy his visits and zoom meetings. He gets on well with all members of the family and our team and is quick to assess characters, along with strengths and weaknesses.

Michael has used his wealth of experience to shine a light on all areas of our business from staff structure to layout, range and epos. Harnessing what is good and working with us to improve in a structured and timely way.

Celia Gay - Newton Farm Foods

We have enjoyed working with Michael immensely. He takes a professional and objective view on projects, clearly demonstrating the fact he has rolled his sleeves up and actually operated (unlike many other professional advisors out there!) I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michael to others in the sector.

Tom Newey - Cobbs Farm Shop

Working with Michael is an absolute pleasure. He’s a fountain of knowledge informed by decades of operational experience. He is driven by a passion for real and authentic food retail experiences as a shared journey for owners, staff and customers from which everyone profits.

Marcus Link - New Foundation Farms

We’re still relatively early on in our process but with Michael guiding us we have never felt more prepared! He has some amazing experience to draw on as well as the enthusiasm to drive our project forward. I can honestly say we’d be lost without him! He’s managing to organise us without us even realising and ensuring we’re ticking every box along the way. Need some advice but don’t know who to ask... Michael usually has the answer and if he doesn’t - he’ll find out! Michael manages to achieve all this without taking over, every decision is down to us and yet we feel so well educated in each one we make. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Tori Watson - Crimple Hall