Strawberry Fields Lifton

Strawberry Fields Lifton

Strawberry Fields Lifton has evolved tremendously starting from a barrow selling fruit and veg at the side of the road to an award winning, multi-million pound business.

As all businesses grow (especially family businesses) there comes a time when the owners need additional support. Managing 130 staff is a huge job and with day to day decisions, farming, ongoing responsibilities and much more to deal with it is impossible to do everything alone.

For Strawberry Fields we started with the basics and worked together on company structure, business efficiencies (including labour and margin). These changes do not happen over night and everyone must work together to achieve the desired outcome. The team at Strawberry Fields have been extremely focused and the ‘fruits of their labour’ are coming to fruition. We are very proud to be a part of their journey. We have also worked together on a large extension, sourcing more relevant products, brand development and improving the customer experience.

We also helped the team to launch a successful online shop to help customers and increase sales during the Covid 19 pandemic. This was developed in 4 days and made their amazing products available for delivery and collection. This made an instant impact on profitability and Strawberry Fields' are now looking at making their produce available nationwide.

I think Strawberry Fields have hit a great balance between customer experience and profitability. They have seen a big growth in turnover and have also made their overheads more visible and in control.

There are great things on the horizon and I know we will never stop continually improving.

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