Robertshaws Farm Shop

Robertshaws Farm Shop

Robertshaws Farm Shop is an interesting proposition to work with. James Robertshaw needed help demerging from Keelham Farm Shop quickly and effeciently, whilst keeping both companies trading well. We had a strict timescale to work to and we had to move quickly. We also helped with project managing key milestones. 

Helping to grow a company, essentially doubling its turnover and team was one thing, demerging it’s activities is another. We were unable to keep any of the existing brand which meant a total rebrand of the business including recipes, packaging and signage. All accounts packages and documentation had to be changed to suit the new structure. Robertshaws has a fantastic team and everyone pulled together to get this done.

We also needed to split the epos tills so that each shop could become independent. Fresh Retail played a pivotal part in managing this project. Decisions were made quickly by the owner and again the team worked hard to deliver this. Robertshaws developed from quotes to fully operational in less than 3 months. 

Once the new shop was launched we started to look at customer retention and also helped advise on the the launch of a new loyalty card, which has proved to be very successful with decent returns on average spend and frequency of shop.

We have also been part of monthly reviews on performance, helped review management accounts and helped the owner focus on key business decisions.

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