Drone Services


Enhance your home page with a video that relates to your process, products, or story.

2D mapping is more than taking a shot looking down, taking one image limits the quality and detail​. Using the latest software an extensive area can be planned out and numerous images can be captured over the flight​. Images are then processed creating one large high quality map that can be used for: monitoring progress (multiple flights over time); maintenance checks and reporting​; area planning (space measurements)​; capture a great image/video for marketing and PR.

Building on from detailed 2D maps Fresh Retail can also provide effective 3D models of your structures​. This will enable you to​:​ create space and volume measurements of structures​; visualise potential projects/create visuals to support in the design process.

We can also offer a range of video footage which is perfect for PR and marketing.

The only limit is your imagination.

​Although Fresh Retail operates within the Farm Retail and speciality food sector our Drone services are not limited to this area. Give us a call to discuss your project needs.

Fresh Retail is fully certified and carries CAA permissions to operate a range of Drone services ​.