Maximizing your Retail Sales on the Farm


John Stanley has worked with farm retailers across the globe for over 40 years. He has worked with many Farm Retail Association members as well as the association members in Canada and the USA. He and his wife, Linda, own Chestnut Brae, an accredited organic ,regenerative sweet chestnut farm in the south west Australia which is recognized nationally as an award winning farm retail operation

Over the last few years many farmers have started or are about to start a retail venture on their farm. This workshop  is an opportunity to learn from the global leader. 

John will be in the UK in January 2023 and has joined forces with the Food Retail Academy to present a two day workshop, supported by Fresh Retail who will help show how to take the learnings and make work operationally.


Who Should Attend

Farm owners, managers and supervisors who have been in farm retailing for less than five years or who are considering a farm retail venture, or more seasoned retailers who just want a fresh look at their operation.